Tuesday, August 24, 2010


 Hello World Wide Web and Fashion  Advocates,

      My name is Rashad D. a recent graduate, receiving my B.S. in Business Marketing.  I’m addicted to anything associated with the world of fashion; I have been enamored with fashion since my first breath into this world (Literally…lol).  Anyways I recently moved to the city of angels (a.k.a. Los Angeles) to pursue my dreams in the fashion industry (fashion stylist, buyer, you get the point).

  While I am diligently trying to make my dream a reality, I have decide to start my own fashion blog where I get the opportunity to express thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that have played a vital role into why I love fashion so much.  As well with this notion, I wanted to here your guys’ thoughts and comments on certain topics that are brought up in this blog. 

The reason why I wanted to create this blog was due to my inspiration from many of the bloganistas (Blogging + Fashionistas= Bloganistas) out there (The Haute Pursuit, Sea of Shoes, Vintage Virgin, The Glamouri, Nini styles, Cocorosa, Monica Rose, Fashion Chalet, Disarming Darling, Living in a Shoe, Haiku Ambulance, etc.) that exude a flare and passion for fashion.  Even though I don’t know you guys personally, I wanted to thank you for your inspiration and point of view.   Hopefully I can inspire others in the similar “Fashion” as you ladies.

On that note Welcome to Lost-In-Couture, where the intangible is tangible.


Forgive me for any misspellings/grammatical errors/sentence fragments or amateur-like characteristics. (This is my first blog so please work with me not against me… lol).   Also I promise to make at least two post a week.

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