Wednesday, November 24, 2010


  With the holidays right around the corner,  I was thinking to myself what would I want to get for X-mas.  So here is my dream list:

I have a borderline obsession with Models...  I been eyeing this coffee table book for a while by Harold Koda and KohleYohannan

I love to study the history and terms within the fashion industry.  Knowledge is truely beauty IMO (in my opinion).

This was and still is one of favorite T.V. shows.  I always felt the same way Daria felt about high school and being an outcast.

Another coffee table book that I've been wanting for the past year by Maia Adams.

I really love basketball and love going to the actually games.  I wouldn't mind getting tickets to the Lakers vs the Nuggets game.  GO NUGGETS!!!

I really love photography and  I want to learn the technical skills and tricks to getting it right on point.  Also I would love an old school camera.

Who wouldn't want to know Pat Fields tricks and tips on how she dressed the cast for a second round of SATC.

We're in Trobule lol....  I love sappy dark teenage 90's movies.  Especially this cheese-tastic dark comedy.

In a dream world this would be the ultimate gift to myself of going to London, England for the holidays.  I've been wanting to travel out of the U.S. since forever.  Now I definitely don't have an excuse since I finally got my passport for my 22nd B-day.

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