Wednesday, January 5, 2011


     It's weird thinking about how fast 2010 has gone by so fast and that we are into 2011.  So I thought to myself what would I like to accomplish in the 0-11 that I didn't to accomplish in 0-10.  So here are some of my resolutions. (Pictures VIA Google Search)


 My goal isn't to become like Arthur Ashe, even though I would love to have his amazing skills.  My goal for 0-11 is to get back into playing tennis.  I haven't played since 8th grade, but I have always loved the sport.


  Another goal that I have is to take a photography class so that I can become like Anne Leibovitz lol.  Seriously I just love photography and I really want to learn everything possible, so that I can take my digital camera to another level.


  In 0-11 I want to Travel to a place that I never been.  One of which is New York City.


  Lastly,  I think the ultimate thing that I need to do in 0-11 is take my dreams of wanting to be in the fashion industry to another level.  By working harder and taking more of a risk.  Whether it be more networking to finding some freelance fashion stuff.  As my mom has always said to me,  "Sometimes you have to sacrifice to where you want to be in life."

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