Monday, September 19, 2011


  The year 06, the season fall, the collection Balenciaga.  Nicolas Ghesquiere changed the name of the game by presenting a collection full of clothing and shoes inspired by a mixture of the 1960's British Invasion with an Equestrian aesthetic. The Olsen's took this collection to another level when they started to wear the sky high platform booties featured in this fashion show. As well with the endorsement of the Olsen's,  the collection help inspire shoe company Jeffrey Campbell to create one of their top selling shoes "Zoe". (sidenote: goolge it Lol).  This is definitely one of my favorite collection due to the fact it can be worn by any age group and can be continued onto other seasons.  Gotta Love that!!!! Below are my fav picks from this wonderful collection.  (Pictures via

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