Monday, December 19, 2011


   I'm totally obsessed with this months blogger,  could it be her sarcastic nature? or her quirky style pairings?  IDK!  I would usually say true to her name but in this case I think she is the opposite,  The Man repeller is the lovely bloginsta I'm talking about.  The Manrepeller is a New York base blogger that basis her blog on repelling man with her outrageous "non" sexy style.  But with me she is doing the opposite she captivates my attention instantly.  As a man I picture the manrepeller and I having coffee (or in my case Tea) while vintage shopping and taking crazy photos of or offbeat pairings.  The manrepeller reminds me of the really chill down-to-earth girl who can hang with the girls and the guys while still maintaining her dorky disposition.  I totally crushed on this blognista when she did a video with BLUEFLY it was love at first site! LOL J/K...not really.  So If you ever need a good laugh or some awesome fashion inspo,  then check out  (Below are pictures are some of my favorite pictures of the man repeller via her site)

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