Monday, January 2, 2012


 Who knew a fictional character could have so much impact on the fashion world, that character you may be wondering who I am anxiously talking about  is none other than the Fabulous Carrie Bradshaw.  If you guys have been stuck under the rock for the past decade or so, Carrie Bradshaw, is the main character from the hit HBO series "Sex and the City" (al a "The Sex and the City" movie franchise).  I remember when I was little trying to watch the very adult show behind my parents back not for the very mature content,  no it was all about the fashions Ms. Bradshaw would rock in the 30 minute time span.  Carrie's style can be owed to the genius of one of my idols, Ms. Patricia Field, the shows costume/wardrobe stylist. Carrie Bradshaw is  a woman who breaks the rules even before the rules are created, not afraid of trying anything under the fashion scope Carrie a.k.a. SJP pulled it off well.  Carrie's obsession for high end shoes and vintage clothing spread like wildfire.  Women all over wanted a pair of Manolos and an oversized flower brooch as soon as they saw Carrie rocking it. Ms. Bradshaw is the ultimate eclectic soul who dares to be different  and that is why Carrie Bradshaw is this months Stylecon.  So Ladies "GET CARRIED AWAY" break some rules because you never know if you'll become the next trendsetter.



Zara Blazer: $129.00

Topshop Slip Dress: $100
Forever 21 Necklace: $9.80

Zanotti Sandal @Shopbop: $695

American Apparel Crop Top: $28

Topshop Skirt: $56

Zanotti Peep Toe Hell @Shopbop: $750

DVF Dress @theoutnet: $224.10

Beginning Boutique Belt: $50 AUD

Forever 21 Necklace: $12.80

Zara Boot: $159

Topshop Vest: $120

Anna Sui Dress @the outnet: $263.35
Topshop Jacket: $110

Topshop Dress: $140

Chanel Heel @Wasteland: $525

Beginning Boutique Dress: $150 AUD

Nana Choker @Beginning Boutique: $39 AUD

Beginning Boutique Clutch: $29.95 AUD

Just Cavali Dress @theOutnet: $187.50

Louis Vuitton  Heels @Wasteland: $850

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