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  With the spring right around the corner, there are so many trends that are going to burst on the scene once flowers bloom and the sun beaming down onto the asphalt.  As we know from my previous post on what was to come from the spring it seemed that a lot of the colors being rocked on the runway was somewhat subdued with neutral tones, but it seems that their is another extreme that will take over the other side of the spectrum.  That side of the spectrum being COLOR COLOR COLOR, and when I say color I mean the rainbow and all its glory.  Every color of the rainbow from solids to patterns to color-blocking by pairing colors that are not so obvious pairings to color combos that are oh-so obvi.  If you are contemplating on what colors to wear I say grab a pack of skittles and starburst put it into a hat and grab.  Whatever three colors you grab wear them head to toe lol.  (PICTURES VIA



Diane Von Furstenberg:







Topshop Crepe Hareem Trouser: $80.00

Forever 21 Foil Dress: $29.80

Forever 21 Basic Cardi: $11.50

Topshop Flannel Jacket: $145.00

Topshop Red Notch Dress: $78.00

Topshop Strappy Dress: $95.00

SNG Asymmetrical Cutout Dress: $38.00

SNG Maxi Skirt: $48.00

SNG Pleated Garden Dress: $78.00

Topshop Stained Glass Dress: $135.00

UO Fletcher Blouse: $59.00

Forever 21 Poisy Skirt: $16.90

Topshop Sindy Peep toe Shoe: $150.00

UO Kimchi Skimmer: $28.00

SNG Fuschia

SNG Spiked Punch Jacket: $88.00

SNG Sunday Wrap Dress: $48.00

UO Lucca Couture short: $48.00

Dolce Vita Lola Sandals: $54.95

Topshop Logan Sandal: $160.00
Forever 21 Lilybeth Bag: $19.80
Topshop Burnt Orange Trouser: $110.00

SNG cape Trench: $198.00

Forever 21 Poodle Coat: $98.00

SNG Pleated Blouse: $88.00

UO BDG V-neck Tee: $16.00
Topshop Scarlett Shoes: $135.00

Topshop Lila Sandal: $185.00
UO BDG Kimchi Trouser: $59.00

Forever 21 Knit Top: $14.80

Forever 21 Tiered Pleated Skirt: $19.80

Topshop buttercup Tank: $60.00

Topshop Ponti Dress: $80.00

UO High Waisted Short: $49.00

Topshop Crochet Dress: $68.00

SNG Tank Dress: $48.00

Forever 21 Knit Cardi: $12.80

SNG Crop Sweater: $48.00

SNG Stylewalker Dress: $120.00

UO Silence and Noise Chiffon Blouse: $58.00

UO BDG Cigarette Pant: $29.00

UO Studio Pump: $128.00

UO Osborn Oxford: $148.00

Forever 21 alligator Hobo: $28.80

Topshop Suede Clutch: $80.00
SNG Arkynk Cape: $130.00

SNG Print Dress: $88.00

SNG BB Dakota Skirt: $48.00

Topshop Cecil Dress: $50.00

Forever 21 Pleated Skirt: $22.80

Forever 21 Striped Sweater: $10.50

SNG Singled Out Dress: $65.00

Topshop Drop Tank: $55.00

Topshop Wanda Dress: $150.00

UO Angelina Dress: $69.00

UO Wool Blazer: $48.00
Forever 21 Suedette Pump: $22.80

Topshop Sandal: $160.00

Forever 21 Ostrich Handbag: $26.80

Forever 21 Double Breasted Coat: $81.99

Forever 21 Afternoon Dress: $22.80

Forever 21 Sequin Skirt: $15.80

SNG Ruffled Dress: $98.00
Forever 21 Pointed Pump: $22.80

WORD TO THE WISE-Here are a few TIPS to Wearing:

  Sure this trend may not be for everybody, but there are tricks and tips to introducing color into any woman's wardrobe.

- My first tip with taking inspiration from the runway is take a color that you love and do a darker and lighter shade of that color (a la LANVIN pink combo).  For instance take that chic pair of cropped navy trousers pair with a simple light blue v-neck tee and look ultrachic.  Whether you dress it up or down.  It truly is all about the basics.

-My next tip with using color is take a primary color and pair it with a secondary and tertiary color that compliments so that it allows your look to flow very much like the Gucci looks above. NO MORE THAN 3 colors and that is cutting it close.  Sure the runway looks are the extreme, but once again it is meant to be inspiring.

-Ladies be cautious to not look like a crayola box explode all over you when you decide to rock this trend, be very subtle and chose the right colors that best fit who you are. For example take that fabulous purple patterned dress pair with a black blazer and nude peep toe pumps.

-Another way to rock this trend and to not look like a hot mess is by pairing these colors with neutrals like black, nude, white, and even denim to alleviate the eye to grab peoples attention in the correct manner,  instead of a shocking or disgusted manner.

-If you are afraid of rocking the color trend, you can try the trend in  a way that isn't as intimidating by using color in your accessories like your handbags, shoes, and even your jewelry. PRIME example that great yellow clutch from Topshop to that blue ostrich satchel from Forever 21

  ALL IN ALL enjoy the colorful side of your personality, ladies don't feel frightened.

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