Monday, March 14, 2011


  I love to look at other fashion blogs it is amazing what some of these creative people can do.  One particular blog that I frequent is a blog by the name of  This blog was created by stylist/designer Nini, who resides in Dallas, Texas.  Her style is fresh to def and unique.  If I were to describe this bloginistas style it would be a mix of leather and lace.  She puts an edgy twist on a feminine and masculine balance.   Also to add to the visual parts her blog really has great tips for you ladies from beauty to fashion.  I also love that she sells designer duds via her ebay page.  Another great thing is that she has a faboulous high end fashion line by the name of  Nhã Khanh.    So Check when you get a chance you will fall in love.  Below are some of the stylish pictures of the Fabulous Nini via

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